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Accounting services for  Owner Operators and Small Fleets


Maintaining an increasing number of financial records: quarterly tax estimates, receipts, settlement statements, profit and loss statements, budgets, and so on. All actual information and keeping everything under control – we are doing for you letting you get more time to develop your business.

Owner-operators, commercial truckers and small fleets get assistance with their more profitable accounting service than hiring an accountant inside. There is a solution – a full package of services – you reduce accounting costs, professional help and actual information on legislative level, and confident results.



You will get expert, trustworthy, and private tax advices and pay only what you owe. Run your business effectively and let us handle your income tax reporting and minimization, warranty issues, maintenance information, and monthly profitability. We know you work hard for your money so we will help you to keep them.

  • Billing direct to the customers, brokers or the factoring company

    Fleet Care Group’s professional accounting team will provide you with a high-quality and reliable accounting service, will carry on the responsibility of compiling and invoicing the brokers for carried out operations for cargo transportations. The customer will be invoiced directly or through a factoring company.

  • Accounts receivable control

    Our accounts receivable specialists are committed to seeing an immediate measurable reduction in your aging invoices. If the invoice is not paid, we will contact the other party and endeavor to ensure that the payment is received. Our aim is simple: to boost your receivable performance. We deliver results faster and more efficiently than an in-house accounting staff.

  • Fuel costs accounting

    The largest costs for owner-operators is fuel and it increases your operational costs, as a result, you lose mony. At the same time, it’s not easy to keep in mind all the fuel taxes in different states. It’s critical to prioritize the routes, figure out the cost per mile and keep track of fuel costs – it will allow to forecast fuel expenses and implement fuel-cutting strategies. Our expert will take care of it for you, and everything will be reflected in your annual tax report.

Service fee: $20 per week for 1 truck




A dedicated tax preparer will guide you as an owner-operator through the entire process and filing procedure at the end of the year. Our tax specialists work across all of the states.

  • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

    The annual taxable period begins on July 1 of the current year and ends on June 30 of the following year. For vehicles that are in use at the beginning of the tax period, your form 2290 filing deadline is August 31, 2021. Taxes on the full tax period must be filed and paid in advance.

  • IFTA

    Under IFTA, you are required to file quarterly fuel tax returns with your base jurisdiction, showing all miles traveled and all fuel consumed during the quarter by qualified vehicles, including the miles traveled and fuel consumed in each IFTA jurisdiction. The amounts listed for each jurisdiction on the report are used to calculate a net balance. Any additional tax due is remitted to the base jurisdiction, or a credit or refund is issued.

  • Permits

    Carriers that operate within Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, and/or Oregon may be subject to additional state permits. The requirements and monthly fees are different for each state. All permit account holders must file a Quarterly Return where the tax amount is calculated based on miles traveled during the reporting period. The filing process varies by state. Returns are required to be filed even if no mileage was accrued. Failure to file timely may result in late fees and penalties.


Our accountants for owner-operators will tell the details and guide through the available benefits